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An Italian Pancake?

An Italian Pancake?
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Dear Lucia:  When in Italy, we had a dish called (we think) tortaloni. It was a pancake like semi-cooked round, about 5" in diameter. We sauteed it in olive oil in a pan and served it with a marinara sauce. Our question is whether the dish is really called tortaloni and do you know of a recipe for the flat round dough?
Many thanks,  ~ Dena

Dear Dena: Tortaloni are large ravioli that can have several different fillings. What you described (5" in diameter and sauteed in olive oil) sounds like Panzerotti or Pizzetti. Regionally, they could have different names. They are made out of the usual pizza dough and fried. The easiest way to make them is to buy frozen Bridgeford Bread Dough. Thaw the dough. Then roll out and cut to the size you want. Fry them on both sides in olive oil.

You did not ask about the filling or topping - but that is where you can be traditional or get really creative. Like pasta sauce, this can be the most interesting and delicious part of the recipe.

Mangia Bene!